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Heidi & Shelly


Heidi is an 19 year old Quarter Horse sorrel colored mare standing 15.2 hands high. Heidi was born and raised on Vancouver Island and now lives with her owner Shelly on a small farm in Metchosin. The Quarter Horse got its name from its ability to outdistance other horse breeds in races of a quarter mile or less. Quarter horses are most often used on ranches throughout Canada as a “cow horse”. Because of their gentle and steady demeanor, the breed is an ideal family horse and well suited for the beginning rider. Heidi has been trained in Western and English disciplines and was a 4H horse in Saanichton in her earlier years. Heidi and Shelly have been riding partners for 5 years and have participated in a variety of events and fundraisers. Heidi has a strong work ethic and is learning to work in close proximity with her teammates. 

Leena & Sheila

Leena is a mischievous Halflinger pony, which is an Austrian mountain breed, known for their thick flaxen manes and versatility. Leena belongs to Stella French, coach for Stellar Steppers and Manestream Vaulters, and is ridden by Sheila. Leena is smart, brave and playful. She is Manestream’s smallest vaulting and para dressage horse. Sometimes she is brought into the ring as a companion to show the other horses that there is nothing to fear. Sheila re-discovered her passion for horses after a 20-year-break when she and her daughter Sophia joined Manestream Vaulters to become the youngest and oldest vaulters in the club at that time. Since then, Sheila has retired from vaulting to pursue less physically punishing roles with Manestream, and is one of their lungers. She has been riding Leena for four years.

Lady & Sabine

Lady is a 21-year old Appaloosa / TB mare who enjoys her new life as a trail and pleasure horse with her owner Sabine. Lady's registered name is "Lady is a Go'er" which totally fits her former career as a dressage, jumping and eventing horse. Lady has joined the drill team last year and replaces Sabine's gelding Bandit who has some time off. Lady loves being a member of the Stellar Steppers but is also very opinionated about her new friends and you might see her pin her ears at some of the other horses.

Carmen & Glenys


The chocolate coloured mare, with the flaxen mane and tail, is Carmen, a

12 year old Rocky Mountain horse, owned and ridden by Glenys.

Her colours are a distinctive feature of the Rocky Mountain breed. Carmen is a gaited horse which means that her joints allow her to move in a smooth four beat gait, when asked. Another distinctive feature to the breed, is their tendency to believe that they can climb any mountain put in front of them. Carmen will tackle the steepest trails with gusto, as well as the sheer rock formation near our barn. Despite her spunky disposition, Carmen is gentle, good natured, and is usually willing to try anything, Glenys asks of her, despite the odd pinning of ears and tail switch. Glenys fell in love with Carmen, and purchased her, 6 years ago. In those past 6 years, Carmen has proven to be an almost perfect partner on the tree lined, rocky trails of Vancouver Island. 

Daphne & Rose


Calypso’s Desert Rose is a 17-year-old purebred Arabian that Daphne purchased as a young filly (baby). They have traveled many trails and roads together on and off Vancouver Island. Rose is a very gentle affectionate horse, quite talkative at times, especially when treats and feed is being given to her. Her lovely colour is called chestnut.  Rose loves to canter or gallop in her field whenever she wants.  She also likes a good roll in the dirt and after being ridden she enjoys a warm bath.   

Daphne and Rose’s latest adventure is participating with the Drill Team.  Both are having fun learning new riding skills and how to get along with new horse friends and learning intricate maneuvers. 

Sugar & Ellen


Maguire’s Autumn Sugar is owned and ridden by Ellen. Sugar moved to Metchosin from Kentucky in 2010.  She is a 18-year old, silver dapple bay, Rocky Mountain mare.  Sugar is an excellent trail horse, sure-footed and careful with lots of stamina.  Ellen and Sugar have participated in 5 Great Cariboo Rides on various beautiful ranches in central BC and the Cariboo region, as well as many other overnight multi-day trips on Vancouver Island.  At home, Sugar is ridden out often on our local trails and in the ring. Although Sugar is small for a Rocky Mountain horse, she has lots of spunk and is very willing to learn new things and to please.  She is very gentle and definitely ‘Sweet as Sugar’!    

Queen & Maria


Queen is a twenty four year old Belgian Clydesdale cross. She grew up as a logging horse on Vancouver Island and was also a camp horse at Camp Homewood. In her younger years Queen was also an eventing horse. Twelve years ago Stella brought her into the Manestream  vaulting club where she has been a canter horse and a team horse. More recenty she has been used to introduce the youngest vaulters to the sport. Now Queen is the mostly retired Grandma to all the horses at Manestream. They all feel better when Queen is around. Maria has been Queen's personal assistant for the last three years, helping Queen reach her health and fitness goals. The Stellar Steppers have been a good fit for Queen and Maria is honoured to be riding her with the drill team this year.